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Your Industrial
Data Partner

At ProCura IoT we make it easy to collect, analyze, and act on data from any asset inside or outside your plant.

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Industrial IoT: Remote Solutions

Security and visibility,
at your fingertips.

Simple to install, connect and use — our universal hardware solutions provide you secure, accurate readings of all your monitored equipment in a single online portal.

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Remotely Track, Monitor, & Manage

Every asset — one platform.

A platform built with your company in mind, ProCura IoT industrial asset management solutions lead to improved uptime, product quality, and energy efficiency:

Infinite visibility, starts here.

Create an environment of continuous visibility and connectivity. ProCura IoT gives you the tools to manage industrial processes at any level.



Remote Visualization

Powerful monitoring dashboards



Customized Notification

Receive via email and/or text



Data Analytics

Unlimited graphing potential




Customized to inspect what you expect



Document Management

In-platform, intuitive file hosting



Artificial Intelligence

Using data to increase uptime

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Latest News & Resources

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Precision just may be the key to success. Remote monitoring solutions are emerging as a game-changer, not just in terms of efficiency but also in terms of cost savings. We break down the . . .

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Staying ahead of the competition means more than just efficient production. Today it requires agility and the ability to anticipate problems before they arise. This is where ProCura IoT's predictive analytics . . .

Customizable, Cloud-Based IoT Solutions

Ease of use:

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Simple Installation

Connect our hardware to any device, from any manufacturer — without limitation. A full line of components makes set up easy and definitive.

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Effortless Connection

Your complete view into industrial asset performance is easily managed through your secure online portal.

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Easy To Use

Comprehensive and intuitive platform for any user in your organization.


Connect with us

Ready to get started or want to learn more? We'd be happy to speak and share how ProCura IoT solutions can help you raise the bar in providing service and reliability.

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