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Customer Story: Bobby McRae of SSC Air, Georgia

Recently, we sat down to catch up with SSC Air’s President and CEO, Bobby McRae, for a candid chat about why he chose ProCura and how its changed the way he and his customers do business.

March 3, 2024

SSC Air became Georgia’s leading compressed air specialist by committing to be their customers's most valuable resource. So, when they came to us to begin offering their clients remote monitoring and management services — we didn’t take that responsibility lightly.

So, Bobby, why did you choose ProCura?

Well, there are other options out there. The reason why I ultimately chose ProCura IoT was for its adaptability over all machine bases. No matter the software, with ProCura, we can adapt that to any controller.

The second reason is because the data that can be accessed and obtained with this system and platform is far better than anything on the market. The team behind ProCura IoT are leading innovation with this technology.

The product evolves quickly, too. The technology I am getting today will not be the technology I get tomorrow. The product is a forward process, improving on itself daily.

Seems like ProCura IoT has changed the way you operate.

Yes, ProCura brings all problems to the forefront. The transparency of the system and the way that we use it at SSC Air, it is a tool. As a service company, ProCura is the most polished tool in our toolbox.

What was life like before ProCura IoT?

Before ProCura, we were a reactive service company. Issues would arise, and we reacted to them. Now, with the platform’s transparency and analytics, we have reduced the issues we see with predictive management. It used to be us waiting for a component to fail, sending a technician out there to do a diagnostics, and then a week later heading back with a part. Now, we always have a good hold on what part needs to be changed or what component is about to fail.

Tell us about life after ProCura…

Now, I actually give ProCura away to my customers. We include it in every single one of our PM Agreements. Once the client gets a hold of the system, logs into their dashboard and can see the entirety of their operations — I get a call. And with that call we’re installing ProCura on the rest of their machines. With ProCura it is constant expansion, constant growth.


To learn more about SSC Air, especially if you’re in the Georgia area, check out the video below or reach out to them directly anytime at or (470) 779-0729.

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