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3 Ways ProCura IoT Ensures Security For Our Customers's Data

With high-security companies on our list of customers, and 1000s of users interacting on our platform daily, security wasn’t an afterthought when we began building our solutions — it was a priority.

January 25, 2024

“We did not want the data collection hardware to be at risk from a cyber security standpoint,” explains Christian Corrigan, company President. “We onboard between ten and twenty new sites every month, so our data collection hardware needed to be safe from a hacking event. From the start, we designed ProCura IoT around the need to secure.” 

Here are three ways that we have engineered our solutions to ensure robust cybersecurity, keeping our customers’s operations and data safe and secure.

  1. Read-Only Hardware — We’ve built our entire hardware architecture to be read-only. This means that every device is incapably of having information pushed onto them. This approach ensures that our fleet of data collection equipment is fully impervious to threats — mitigating the risk of external manipulation and unauthorized access.

  2. Local Networks — Every ProCura IoT system is cellular, with its own proprietary, local network. Utilizing this approach for communication between devices means that monitoring systems are completely isolated from external influences. All data transmission occurs within a controlled and secure environment. 

  3. VPNs On Every Device — This establishes secure and encrypted connections by creating a protected tunnel for data transmission. It is an extra layer of security at every connection point and communication - providing confidentiality without jeopardizing any of the integrity of the data being transmitted.


As the leading and fastest growing Industrial remote monitoring solution, we built security into the foundation of our products. The read-only hardware approach, proprietary local networks, and individualized VPNs not only address potential vulnerabilities but also creates a resilient and secure environment for our customers to manage critical industrial operations.


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